Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Nexus 1.0.0-beta-2 testing

I managed to run Apache CXF and Apache Servicemix 3.2 builds with some glitches.
1. CXF build was fine without any problem (didn't run tests though)
2. ServiceMix 3.2.2 build failed to strangely due to 2 issue in first run.
a. Couldn't find log4j dependency (which should have been resolved indirectly from some other component dependency. I have to specifically add the dependency to POM file, maybe I should submit patch to Apache SMX for this.
b. Failed to run "crawl" goal for servicemix-archetype-catalog module. The puzzle is it doesn't do anything if I do a full build and reports failure but passes if I run mvn:install inside the component directory.

Overall, Out of 3 requirements of Builds 2 are successful., 3rd (IONA Fuse ESB's Logisticx Demo) I haven't yet tried. That is the next thing on my menu now.

All in all, I am pretty happy with the experience this time. (unlike my previous attempts to get proximity going without any UI based intuitive configuration option or lack of access to docs.)

I am surely looking forward to tune the configuration and use it for my regular work.

Oh.. I forgot to add the link to the download site and documentation that I accessed today.
Here are the links.

Nexus Home
Nexus Download

One thing I mentioned in last post was about beta-3. By the looks of the download are it seems the download page does the announcement of beta-3 but the actual download storage area doesn't have the necessary files in place yet.

My experiments continues......................

I think, I should do some other experiments also and keep the blog going. I still have to show my stab at Digital Picture frame out of old Toshiba laptop. Even though I got it to work properly in January on my Daughter's B'day Haven't got a time to touch it and refine and fix the backside of it properly. Hope to find some time to finish that and take some photos.

another experiment with Nexus now in progress

Today I stumbled upon Nexus repository manager while browsing and found a 1.0.0-beta-2 available for download. So with some excitement I went ahead and downloaded it and currently trying out.

Just now when I went back to check the link I realized that there is a new version nexus-1.0.0-beta-3. I will try patching my installation with it and will post the results.

One plus point, I can't resist mentioning here by initial looks is better UI based repository management which makes life much easier. Got the setup starting to work in no time and speed is also good.

I did stumbled upon the corruption of the pom file so doing clean build again to see if I can consistently get the same problem.