Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Short Note on How to install Servicemix 4 as windows service.

To install Servicemix 4 as windows service need to start SMX from console and run features:install wrapper and wrapper:install and follow the instructions that are displayed by second karaf command.

Here is the output from a sample run :

karaf@root> features:install wrapper
karaf@root> wrapper:install
Creating file: C:\work\apache-servicemix-4.4.1-fuse-01-06\bin\karaf-wrapper.exe
Creating file: C:\work\apache-servicemix-4.4.1-fuse-01-06\etc\karaf-wrapper.conf

Creating file: C:\work\apache-servicemix-4.4.1-fuse-01-06\bin\karaf-service.bat
Creating file: C:\work\apache-servicemix-4.4.1-fuse-01-06\lib\wrapper.dll
Creating file: C:\work\apache-servicemix-4.4.1-fuse-01-06\lib\karaf-wrapper.jar
Creating file: C:\work\apache-servicemix-4.4.1-fuse-01-06\lib\karaf-wrapper-main

Setup complete. You may want to tweak the JVM properties in the wrapper configu
ration file:
before installing and starting the service.

To install the service, run:
C:> C:\work\apache-servicemix-4.4.1-fuse-01-06\bin\karaf-service.bat install

Once installed, to start the service run:
C:> net start "karaf"

Once running, to stop the service run:
C:> net stop "karaf"

Once stopped, to remove the installed the service run:
C:> C:\work\apache-servicemix-4.4.1-fuse-01-06\bin\karaf-service.bat remove

Hope this helps and serves as note to myself for future.

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