Sunday, March 16, 2008

No Archiva, no Proximity now trying artifacotry

I don't know what went wrong in my setup of Archiva and proximity it doesn't like to download maven-plugin-plugin whatever I do. After lot of time spent on it I decided to give a try to Artifactory again. As expected, failed on startup but got fixed and currently trying to do a Build for Apache ServiceMix 3.2.2 using Artifactory.
One thing I found from these exercise is the domain name doesn't confirm to RFC2109 so httpClient reject cookies. Also, it was rejecting to connect to it for artifact download. I had to do a ping and replace the name with IP address in configuration. The next problem I hit was due to mistake in entering the IP Address. (I am half blind at 1:30 a.m. due to lack of sleep but can't stop playing with this exercise)

I am hoping that atleast Artifacotry would work for me. I found it slightly faster also in downloading artifacts thanArchiva and Proximity.(Unless it just sleeps on some blocked connection or with NoRouteToHostException due to bad repo address url in which case it sleeps for 60 sec. on Linux)
One more problem I saw in my Artifactory setup is if I kill it won't shutdown fast enough and clean fashion I almost always had to kill java process.

I am hoping to get it working today. One big achievement is that I managed to get it talking to all the repositories I configured in configuration file.

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