Monday, March 17, 2008

Nothing work for me , Archiva, Artifactory or Proxima

I am starting to feel like most dumb person as per my Blog title. After struggling for so many days managed to get the artifactory running I stumbled upon the problem of no legacy layout for maven repositories like so had to give up on this.
Next tried Archiva again and somwhere down the line my build doesn't find the requred maven-resources-plugin. No matter how I set it up it just doesn't like the setup and give up.

After these 2 option gone I turned back to proximity. After repeat configurations and getting build to download dependencies now I am seeing funny results from proximity for Some dependency POM files which gets replaced with some kind of artifact summary written by Proximity and also the corresponding jar file gets corrupted.

I still haven't given up on the setup. hoping to get something going soon. Let's see if I succeed or completely give up.

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yoavl said...

Artifactory *does* support maven1 repositories (such as You simply need to change the remote repository type to maven1. That's all.